Gulliver's Gate - Lenape Village

Client: Gulliver's Gate
Production Company: Brooklyn Model Works
Role: 3d modeling / 3d printing

While working at Brooklyn Model Works, I designed a miniature Native American Village for the exhibit at Gulliver’s Gate.

One of the biggest challenges was creating the miniature people. I developed a custom workflow to rapidly 3d model a variety of figures in different poses and 3d print them. The figures were less than an inch tall which required me to push the limits of what could be successfully printed on the Form 2 resin printer.

Instead of 3d sculpting each figure from scratch, I used a generator to make the base geometry. I then applied motion capture data to the figure and let it run around until I chose a good pose. The posed model could then be refined in a sculpting 3d program to add and remove detail. Finally, I 3d printed the figures, and handed them off to a skilled model maker who painted them and added scratch built accessories.

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