Census 2020

Client: U.S. Department of Commerce
Production Company: Mosomos
Role: Design / Fabrication

I was responsible for creating props for the sequence where the folder tranforms into a helment and then a lunch tray.

I made multiple versions of each prop so that they could be manipulated in real life.

Here is my folding design for the helmet based on pop-up book techniques.

The final version is color matched and dimensionally the same to the real helmet.

I made custom helmet shields for each version of the helmet. I created a digital mockup for approval and then sewed together the final.

To get the helmet splitting shot, I cut a real helmet down the middle and added hinges.

I made two versions of the lunch tray: a full one and a folding one. I sourced prop food for each one and came up with ways to pin, glue, bolt, or tape them in place.

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