Cartier Holiday Window Display

Client: Cartier
Production Company: Art and Carpentry
Role: design / fabrication

I designed and fabricated elements for the Cartier holiday window display. I worked with a team creating multiple custom LED light walls. I also designed and built the self opening and closing jewelry boxes. In addition I developed a vibrating stand to display a loose diamond watch.

In addition to making the jewelry box mechanisms, I also wrote a program for calibrating the position of the motor and driving it to various positions. The program I wrote communicated with the master program that synchronized all 6 store display windows.

Here is a test of the vibrating watch stand mechanism. I used a bottle cap and some beads to simulate the loose diamond watch while prototyping.

Every light up module had to have an led strip inserted and wires soldered on both sides. This was a very laborious process, but very important because a loose connection could affect all the modules down the line.

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